Human Resources, Sales and Executive Compensation

Human Resources Consulting Services

Accelebron Consulting’s human resources consulting service Specializes in assisting start-up, small and changing businesses solve human resource issues requiring outside senior level HR expertise.

With Accelebron Consulting you receive the benefit of a knowledgeable and experienced HR executive, who plays a very “hands-on” role in resolving issues and meeting the needs of clients.  Experienced in determining key talent for roles within the client’s organization; and defining the client’s business goals and what programs and processes need to be put in place for achieving those business results.

The clients of Accelebron Consulting have the benefit of an HR executive to interface with management and employees on human resource related issues as needed, for substantially less than providing the same services in-house with a full-time employee.

Accelebron Consulting provides its clients with off-site, on-site and on-call human resources services in the following areas:

  • Customized / Industry Specific Employee Handbooks, Policies and Procedures
  • Audit for State, Federal and Local Compliance (Wage & Hour, Employee Exemption Classification, Contractor/Consultant
  • Classification, Disability Discrimination, Retaliation, Harassment, etc…)
  • Restructure of Human Resources for Efficiency, Growth and Changes in Business
  • Start-up HR Department for New and Existing Businesses
  • Human Resources Audit/Organization Needs Assessment for Start-ups, Growing and Changing Businesses

Comprehensive Compensation Services

Accelebron Consulting is a premier compensation consultancy acting as trusted advisor to Boards and their senior management in the creation of innovative reward strategies for Boards and their senior management. We also work with our clients to create broad-based compensation programs for employees and sales professionals. And our compensation surveys provide the most complete perspective on total compensation for the broadest groups of positions available.

Our team is made up of senior consultants with expertise across all forms of compensation and experience in a broad number of industries. They are committed to providing clients with comprehensive, credible and reliable advice – from research and assessment to strategy, planning and implementation. Our goal: to create comprehensive compensation solutions that work for you, your executives and your employees.

Our services include:

Executive Compensation

Accelebron Consulting has been a leader in executive compensation for 25 years, acting as independent, outside counsel to Compensation Committees and their senior management. Our senior consultants specialize in the development of comprehensive compensation programs tailored to the particular needs of each client. Our goal: to help you align total rewards with your business strategy to deliver maximum return on your compensation investment. As longtime pioneers in transforming executive compensation into a performance-driven tool for increasing shareholder and economic value, our services include:

  • Compensation philosophy and guiding principles
  • Plan documentation and disclosure requirements
  • Peer group selection and competitive analysis
  • Short and long-term incentive plan design, both cash and equity-based
  • Performance measurement selection and calibration
  • Executive benefits and perquisites, including non-qualified deferred compensation arrangements
  • Employment contracts, severance agreements and change-in-control arrangements
  • “Special situation” programs, including retention plans and carried interest plans, etc.

Director/Advisor Compensation and Board Construction

Directors are no longer simply advisors, nor are they just compliance officers; they are resources of the firm and shepherds of shareholder concern. Today’s demanding governance environment presents them with unique challenges – challenges that require independent, credible and thorough compensation counsel. Since its founding, Accelebron Consulting has acted as trusted adviser to Compensation Committees, providing them with expert guidance and assistance in the execution of their responsibilities – helping them work in the best interests of the organizations they serve, the executives and employees they reward and the shareholders they represent. All of our senior consultants have the experience and expertise necessary to guide Committees through the most complex issues of the day – examining all angles before reaching a comprehensive solution.

Accelebron Consulting Group has led the industry in developing new approaches to Board compensation that address members’ rapidly changing roles and responsibilities and in providing thoughtful counsel on emerging governance concerns, including:


  • Disclosure preparation
  • Committee Charters
  • Committee policies and procedures
  • Compliance assistance


  • Board compensation
  • Committee compensation
  • Board and Committee Chair compensation
  • Director equity programs
  • Equity ownership opportunities and requirements

Employee Compensation

Broad-based employee pay programs are the single biggest compensation expense for most companies.  While public attention is more focused on executive programs, from a business perspective the effective design and communication of reward strategies for the rest of the organization is equally critical. It is particularly important that incentive plans and performance-based rewards throughout the organization all be tailored to its specific business and culture.

To that end, Accelebron Consulting works with senior executives and human resources professionals to create fully integrated reward programs for all employee levels – executive, managerial, professional and support staff. Our Employee Compensation Consulting Practice works with clients from the Fortune 500 to not-for-profits and emerging high-growth companies in a range of industries, including companies in the research, technology, life sciences, consumer products, financial, and professional services sectors.

Accelebron Consulting’s senior consultants advise in all aspects of compensation plan design and governance in multiple capacities, from specific issues to complex projects and from initial assessment to implementation and communication.

Our capabilities include:

  • Strategic Total Compensation Design and Implementation
  • Competitive Analyses and Assessment of Employee Pay Programs
  • Salary Structures and Rewards Systems
  • Costing Analyses of Current and Prospective Pay Programs
  • Compensation Plan Audits
  • Variable Pay and Pay-for-Performance Programs
  • Compensation Communication